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My daughter and I is a big fan of Lewis Carroll classic novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.   Since I read to her the “Alice” when she was five, she can’t seem to get enough of Alice.  In our home, we several copies of different adaptations of Alice in Wonderland, we have copies of animated versions of Alice, the live versions, illustrated books and comics are to name a few.

Since, she saw the trailer of the newest movie version of Alice in Wonderland, my 8-year old daughter keep on asking me when and where we will be watching the movie.  Normally, we just watch movies online because it is less expensive and more comfortable.  We don’t have to drive, and we could rewind the scene all over again if we don’t get the dialogue the first time. My husband always gets crazy about the rewinding thing and watching the same scene all over again, but he always overruled.  It’s 2 against 1; my daughter seems to catch my “annoying” movie habit.

But as I said, Alice in Wonderland is special for both of us, so I’m saving money to treat all three of us (including my husband, even he don’t want to watch “girly” movie) to IMAX 3D.  I know it will be more expensive than just watch Alice in Wonderland online, but I think it will be worth all of it.

This newest version of Alice in Wonderland is in 3D format, which uses the combination of live action and CGI (Computer-generated imagery) technique. There is also a giant Art and Visual Effects department working on this film so I know it’s going to have great CGI creatures and sets.  This means, Alice in Wonderland will be more fascinating if it is watch in 3D too.  I am so excited about it. Well, I could always watch Alice in Wonderland Online free anytime after watching it on IMAX 3D and I can always play the same scene over and over again. How about you, where you will watch Alice in Wonderland?


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