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Kitchen With Stone-Look Plastic Laminate

Kitchen Floor With Stone-Look Plastic Laminate

An ultra-modern and gleaming kitchen is one of the ultimate dreams of a homemaker.  When you stroll into those gleaming kitchen, you wish you can just demolish your kitchen and implement all those changes and improvements you want.  Brake! Remodeling a kitchen from a scratch can dent your saving very badly; it can cost you thousands of hard-earned dollars.  But there are some tricks that can make your kitchen like a center-fold kitchen model by just shelling few dollars.

The Kitchen Mini Makeover topic will help you to apply a low-cost but high impact makeover tricks on your kitchen.  The Kitchen Mini Makeover will be an eight-part post, and we will start by redoing the floor.

Mini Makeover Trick:
Cover your grungy old floor with something new and brighten up your whole kitchen.
What You Need: If your floor is relatively flat, you can simply put-on a wood-look or stone-look plastic laminate board that can be fit into place without glue or fastener.  These plastic laminate board are called “floating” laminates.   Another option is the linoleum or vinyl floor.  You can have a professional to do it or you simply follow some procedure and do-it-yourself.   They might not be your dream floor, but it’s a good substitute until you are ready to do an all-out floor renovation.

The Cost: Linoleum or vinyl cost around $3 to $7 per square foot.  The plastic laminate cost around $4 to $10 per square foot.  The pre-finished hardwood runs from $7 to $12 per square foot.  (The installation is usually included in the price.)


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