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Hello Readers! Welcome to Home Services Guides 101.  This site is specifically created for you and for variety of people; the homemaker, handyman, man or woman, who find joy in doing a bit of home improvement and maintenance.   For those who want to save some money and time by doing the repairs and hunting the discount coupon offers.

With everything that seems just a tad gloomy.  With the global crisis issues and the coupled with the rising of inflation and massive layoff, it seems like the world is getting helpless and crumbling around you.  But life goes on, you might not be able to control inflation, recession, pollution, but at home you are the boss.  You can do something to make your living room look better; you can do something to fix the jammed lock without the aid of a locksmith, you can do something to save money by doing the home repair by yourself.  You Can Do Something!

This site is simply dedicated to those who want to do something. To those who want to know how to install their own garage lock, and for those who wants to know where to buy the cheapest carpet, or how to use a particular tool which is “alien” in your sight.

The Home Services Guides 101 is all about the tips, tricks, tweaks and guides of anything and everything in your home.  We will give you tips and guide that would help your home needs, starting from your lawn up to your attic and everything else in between.

The Home Services Guide 101 will help you practical and expert information to help you deal with any household stuffs.  There’s no need to frown over the soiled carpet.  Smile! Take charge and do something!
For questions, suggestions and everything you want to share you can reach us at our email: luckysmith386@yahoo.com


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