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My Rose Colored Customized Living Room

My Rose Colored Customized Living Room

A home is the reflection of the personality and sentiments of the people living on it.  Your living room should be the mute “spoke-person” of who you are.  If your living room doesn’t speak of who you are, then it is about the time to make your home look and feel your own.  It is the time to customize!  While it is easier to customize the kids’ room or the master bedroom, it is quite a challenge to pull off the same trick on the more common space, which the entire family commonly shares – like the living room.  Yes, it might be hard to input the personality of each member of the family on the customization but it is very doable.  Here’s the guide on how help you customize your living room:

Pick You Colors

Color reflects mood and personality.  The sunny, tropical shade suggests a happy atmosphere.  A dramatic shade of red radiate touch romance and the basic black and white combination gives a no-nonsense professional appeal.    The color you should choose to dominate in your living room must reflect the people who live inside the house.  Before ordering the wallpapers and paints, ask yourself. What kind of atmosphere do I want to create?  What atmosphere that would best describes my family? Then, let colors follow the suit.  Just remember that whatever color you choose, it has to blend with your furniture and other fixtures in your living room.

Rearrange The Furniture According To Your Taste

Choose a piece of furniture that would serve as the focal point of your living room.  That way, you can set other pieces of furniture around it.   Make sure that your arrangement allows free movement and easy traffic in the busiest part of the living room.  Avoid the cluttered look.



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