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Feather Duster for cleaning knickknacks, photos frames, and other lightweight objects.

White Cotton Glove for cleaning chandeliers and between the slats of Venetian blinds.

Disposable Swiffer Clothes for cleaning dust magnets like computer, TV screens, all kinds of hard surfaces like tabletops
and floors, and even car dashboards.

Scrub Brush with a handle for miscellaneous cleaning tasks.

Microfiber Cloth for catching and holding dust.

Cotton Swabs to get into tiny crevices in plastic bath mats, silver, and other small, hard-to-reach spots.

Tile Grout Brushes with a single row of stiff bristles for scrubbing between ceramic tiles. You can also use toothbrush.

Lint-Free Dust Cloths made of 100% cotton for cleaning easily scratched items; other fabrics used as rags can create lint and are abrasive.

Lambswool Dusters or dust mops for wiping large surfaces, even walls, to pick up dust and cobwebs. The head can be removed and washed. Or saved yourself a few bucks and make your own dust mop by wrapping an old cotton rag around the end of a broomstick.

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