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Yeah, pet cats are cute and cuddly, but they also leave a little (sometimes big), annoying surprises around the house especially on the sofa cushions.   Here’s the six ways to clean up kitty’s hair and odor out of your sofa cushions.

1. Instant Deodorizer: Scoop kitty’s dirt out of the box, then get some baking soda, and shake it over the remaining litter.  For Fido pad, cover with a thin layer of soda, let it stay for about five to ten minutes, then finish it with a handheld vacuum cleaner.

2. Stopping The Stains: Remove the “surprise” on the carpet with a stain and odor remover which can be bought from pet store.  Make sure to thoroughly remove the stain and odor, because the odor makes the pet to revisit the same spot, it becomes their “territory”.

3. Anti-fur device: A handy tool to get cat’s hair off your sofa and other upholstered furniture is to have a rubber gloves.  Put on a clean rubber gloves, dampen and run your hands over cushions.  Cat’s hair will stick to the damp rubber gloves.

Warning: Use dry gloves for furniture with silk covering.

4. Remove the paws: Muddy paw prints on your carpet and rugs?  Don’t panic and don’t throw your rug or maybe your cat… Relax and let them dry, paw prints will come off easier if you vacuum later than if you scrub them now.

5. Kibbles Keeper: If dry foods in a paper bag keep spilling, repackage it in a jumbo plastic container with lid.

6. Unseat Smells: If you are a couch potato so do your pet cat, lessen sofa odor by slipping dryer sheets into envelops and tucking then under the cushions.

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