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In our modern home, we used thick floppy and shaggy materials as a means of home floor protection and decoration. Rug designs, the color combinations, the general make all these make the rug add to the aesthetics of the room. The oriental naisrep sgur rugs have a great value throughout the world and it is one of the famous as well appreciated as works of art. Oriental rugs have a very rich past; it came from Iran which is known as Persia. Its cultural influence was adopted by people around the world, and up to now it is sought to be bought by the ever aware and beauty conscious public in order to increase the beauty of their homes. The term oriental does not necessarily refers to the rug itself, it relates to people, customs, traditions, beliefs, living patterns and the economy of the East.

To   further understand about oriental rugs, these rugs originated from the land of Arabia, as the economy on the rugs achieved its highest peak, the magic carpet in Arabian legends has also wafted from Arabia across the skies to faraway lands. Oriental rugs are a living testimony to that even it can’t fly, the beauty that was long crafted and treasured is still there. There are myths and legends surrounding the time when the first Oriental rug would have been woven can be long echo and still be heard as long as the oriental rugs exist in every homes

The process of Oriental rugs involves stretching warp threads on a loom and knotting the pile to these threads. Once the entire carpet is knotted, the pile is shorn. This is a very tiring job that includes giving a heart in such job. In simple terms, the precision of the design depends upon how tightly the rug has been knotted and how short the pile has been cut. The various combinations of color, design, their placements, forming an attractive pattern, determine the value of an Oriental rug.

The people who appreciates area rugs knows how good these rugs are, the latest and the most exquisite, using the high quality of yarns that go to determine the overall beauty of the Oriental rug. This is a priceless work of art that needs to be taken good care. This valuable items serves not only a floor covering but also a mark of culture and traditions of Persia.


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