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lawn mowerSummer is the best time to work for the picture perfect lawn that you are dreaming for. Read on and this article will help you in getting lawn in shape. Here are the four simple steps you can do so you can be rolling in the picture perfect green yard for the next few months.

1. Cut It Right. Grass should generally end up 2 to 3 inches high after you mow. If you give it a tight crew cut you’ll remove too much of the nutrients-producing leaf surface. To maintain the height, you will have to cut your grass every 5 to 10 days.

2. Feed It Right. All lawns should be fertilized in the spring. Measure your lawn and apply 5 pounds of 20-0-0 (those numbers represents for the proportion of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous in the mix) per 1,000 square feet. Lawns in northern areas will need another two hits in the fall, one month apart. If you live in southern part of the country, fertilize again in July and August. If all those chemicals make you queasy, consider using organic fertilizer. Fertilizer with pesticides is good at killing bugs, but they are hazardous to your family and pets. Always remember that organic fertilizers have smaller amounts of nutrients, which would mean you will have to use them more often. Sprinkle some on whenever your lawn starts to fade.

3. Buy a Rain Gauge. Too little water encourages annoying crab grass while too much water spreads diseases. Most lawns need roughly 1 inch of water per week on its growing season. A rain gauge is the best way to judge how much water your lawn is getting.

4. Hire The Best Lawn Service. If you are too busy or just not interested in doing it yourself, hiring the lawn service is your best choice. Ask friends or neighbors who use lawn service for referral.


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