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ClassicShagMixBlueA carpet in your living room could surely improve the looks and the mood.  Have you ever experience falling asleep in the plush comfort of a Persian carpet? Or enjoy the intricate and artistic pattern of an oriental carpet?  There is no doubt that a well-chosen carpet is an asset to your home.   But buying a carpet requires a lot of patience and care.

Shopping for a carpet is seems like choosing a husband; it requires patience, care, and trust.  Your decision should not only be based upon the look and the feel, you should know it inside and out before deciding if it is really the one.   It is actually called an intelligent decision.

To make an intelligent decision when purchasing carpet, you need to know some carpet stuffs like fiber type, carpet pile, face weight of fibers, fiber density, twist and tuft bind, and durability rating.   Without knowing these features you are doomed to divorce your carpet sooner than you think.

Fibers Type

There are four primary fiber used in carpeting.  They are nylon, polyester, Olefin fiber and wool.  Among the four fibers nylon is probably the most widely used, it is tough and resilient.  Carpet made of nylon fiber is the best choice for a high-traffic room used every day.  Nylon is resistant to dust and soil.

Polyester is the softest fiber available in carpeting.  It is the best choice for a room used for entertaining guests and bedroom which are not heavily trafficked.  Polyester fiber accepts coloration very well, that is why polyester-made carpets are usually have vibrant colors and designs.

Olefin fibers are a very strong fiber. It is extremely stain resistant, as often the color dyes are actually heated and fused into the actual fiber.

Wool is most luxurious but the most expensive carpeting available.  It is a natural fiber that accepts color well, but it also stains easily.



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