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Pets are cute, cuddly and can be adorable for most of the time.  But there are times when your pets are not so adorable, especially if leave some nasty “surprises” on the floor or worst in your furniture.   Your pets mostly can leave you with the three nasty P’s, the Pee, Poop and Puke.  Here are simple ways on how to clean the three “surprise P’s your pet might leave somewhere in your home.

The Pee

Animal urine, especially from cat has a very foul odor and they tend to linger.  And if you don’t clean it immediately, you pet might it as “territory” and he will use that spot again and again.  To clean that nasty Pee, first wipe out the liquid with white toweling, then blot the spot with a solution of 1 tablespoon ammonia and a half-cup water.  Blot the spot again with a mixture of 1 teaspoon of clear or white dish detergent and 1 cup of water.
To get rid of smell use an enzyme-based pet odor removes, they can be bought in pet stores and vet offices.  If the pee had stayed in the spot for more than 24 hours, use 1/3 cup of vinegar and 2/3 cup of water instead of the ammonia mix.

The Poop

Among the three P, the poop is the easiest one to deal with.  Simply scoop it up and blot the area with the dish detergent solution used in cleaning up pee.  If the stain remains try to use ammonia and vinegar mixture.  Clean the area with soap and water, and treat with an enzyme cleaner.

The Puke

To deal with puke, scrape up the mess, and then blot with the detergent solution.  Use ammonia solution to get rid of the stain and the enzyme based pet-odor remover if necessary.  For some dog food that contains red dye can leave stain on a carpet and rugs.  Use a red-dye remover, if the stain is stubborn call the pro.

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There’s nothing more beautiful than the spotless, gleaming stainless in our kitchen.  But with the daily wear and tear, the gleaming stainless equipment we haul from the showroom not so long time ago lost its luster.  So, here are some practical tips in keeping your stainless gleaming and spotless.

stainless cookware

Stainless Cookware

The Cookware

The Problem:  Stains

The Fix:  Excessive heat can cause permanent bluish stains in the stainless steel.  To prevent this, avoid turning the heat too high when you are using stainless steel pot or pan.  If you are using a gas burner, make sure that the bottom surface completely covers the flame so it doesn’t crawl up the side.

Stainless Counter

Stainless Counter

The Countertops

The Problem: Water Spots

The Fix:  If you have stainless countertops, believe it or not, water is your worst enemy.  Water can easily leave spots to it, so make sure to wipe the countertops with a clean, dry towel every time it gets wet.  If the water mark stays, apply undiluted liquid dish detergent or clean the area with a soft cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol.

Stainless Flatware

Stainless Flatware

The Flatware

The Problem: Pitting

The Fix:  Acids and salts in food can pit stainless flatware, so rinse surface as soon as possible after use.  Then machine-wash or hand-wash with detergent and hot water.

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The video shown above is just an example of crushing accident that might occur when you are using faulty garage door. Automatic garage door be a cause a fatal accident.  According to statistics from 1996 to 2005, there are 23 recorded accidents resulting to death of children below 15 years old due to the crushing automatic garage door.

Don’t risk the safety of your family with a faulty garage-door opener.  Make sure that your garage-door opener, especially the automatic one, has an electric eye that causes a closing garage to reverse if an object gets in its path.  To check it that garage-door is perfectly working, place a block of wood under you garage door.  If the garage door will reverse itself as it detects the block of wood, then your garage is 95% safe from crushing.

But if the garage door will fail on this crush test, it is time to replace the garage-door opener with a new, safer one and make sure that it is properly working.  You may also use the services of professional garage door installer and repair for fast and proper installation.

Remember that it is always better to be safe than sorry.  There’s nothing more important than the safety of our family.

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cabinet knobs
This is the third post for the Kitchen Mini Makeover series. The Kitchen Mini Makeover topic aims to help you to have a low-cost but high impact makeover tricks on your kitchen. On previous posts on Kitchen Mini Makeover, I have discussed about the lighting effect on the kitchen and the floor redo. On this post we will discuss about perking up your cabinets. We will help you spice up those boring and bland cabinets.

Mini Makeover Trick: For a fresh look, spending as little as few dollars, replace cabinet knobs, drawer pulls, and hinges, if they show.

What To Buy: Understated metals such as stainless steel and brushed nickel are in. So swap out your cabinets to date.
If you’ve got cabinets with no hardware, add some knobs or pulls. Just make sure that they are coordinated with the style of your cabinet or drawer. As a rule, the more contemporary the cabinet, the simpler and sleeker the hardware should be. A traditional cabinet goes well with vintage-style hardware. For more beautiful effect, try installing light-reflecting glass knobs on the upper unit and metals on the bases. Ceramic knobs can look pretty with anything. You can include some cute knobs, like apple-shaped knobs or chili pepper pulls, but use them sparingly. Reserved them on special piece, like a hutch.

Tip: Try knobs before buying them. Pick out three favorites, purchase on of each, screw them into your cabinets, and live with them before you commit.

Cost: You can spice up your cabinet hardware for a little as a few dollars, depending on the style and materials chosen.

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If you have recently lockout yourself out of your car, do not distress and be embarrassed. According to some study, anybody who owns a car (that is 10 out of 10) has locked themselves out from their vehicle at least once in their lifetime. Meaning, if you have not yet lockout yourself from your car, prepare to experience this embarrassing moment.

Locking out of a car is a common mistake most of us mortals do. You might leave the key in the ignition or you lost your key while you are out of your car or worse the key break off in the keyhole. This situation can be more “sweeter” if it starts to rain or snow. Freezing yourself in the snow or drenching in the rain is not a comfortable option. The simple solution to get yourself out of it is to call and auto locksmith.

Auto locksmith are locksmith who are skilled in skilled in unlocking car doors when keys are locked inside, misplaced or stolen, as well as changing locks when necessary. Most of them are like mobile locksmith in which you can call and travel to location where they are needed. Commonly, auto locksmiths are also knowledgeable with keyless entry systems and able to service, reprogram or override them in automobiles that do not use exterior keys.

It is a brilliant idea to keep the number of a professional car locksmith on your mobile phone or planner. You will never know, when you lockout yourself from your car. It always pays to be ready. These locksmiths come, when called for, at any time of the day. Professional and competent locksmiths would only spend a few minutes on your car and repair its lock. Rookies might take a slightly longer time. However, professionally trained locksmiths would work much faster. Choose a locksmith based on reputation and experience.

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