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Yeah, pet cats are cute and cuddly, but they also leave a little (sometimes big), annoying surprises around the house especially on the sofa cushions.   Here’s the six ways to clean up kitty’s hair and odor out of your sofa cushions.

1. Instant Deodorizer: Scoop kitty’s dirt out of the box, then get some baking soda, and shake it over the remaining litter.  For Fido pad, cover with a thin layer of soda, let it stay for about five to ten minutes, then finish it with a handheld vacuum cleaner.

2. Stopping The Stains: Remove the “surprise” on the carpet with a stain and odor remover which can be bought from pet store.  Make sure to thoroughly remove the stain and odor, because the odor makes the pet to revisit the same spot, it becomes their “territory”.

3. Anti-fur device: A handy tool to get cat’s hair off your sofa and other upholstered furniture is to have a rubber gloves.  Put on a clean rubber gloves, dampen and run your hands over cushions.  Cat’s hair will stick to the damp rubber gloves.

Warning: Use dry gloves for furniture with silk covering.

4. Remove the paws: Muddy paw prints on your carpet and rugs?  Don’t panic and don’t throw your rug or maybe your cat… Relax and let them dry, paw prints will come off easier if you vacuum later than if you scrub them now.

5. Kibbles Keeper: If dry foods in a paper bag keep spilling, repackage it in a jumbo plastic container with lid.

6. Unseat Smells: If you are a couch potato so do your pet cat, lessen sofa odor by slipping dryer sheets into envelops and tucking then under the cushions.

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Kitchen With Pendant Light

Kitchen With Pendant Light

This is the second post for my eight-part Kitchen Mini Makeover “episode”. The Kitchen Mini Makeover topic aims to help you to have a low-cost but high impact makeover tricks on your kitchen. On the previous post I have discussed the Kitchen Mini Makeover: Redo The Floor part. This post will be all about the lighting effect on your kitchen.

Mini Makeover Trick: The right lighting can make a kitchen glow and give small space an airier ambiance. New lighting is also cheaper than carving out windows or skylights.

What To Buy: Replacing a boring ceiling light with a fancy chandelier can create more design impact. Also consider a bulb makeover. According to Joseph Rey-Barreau, the education consultant of American Lighting Association and associate professor of University of Kentucky-College of Design, “swapping your old incandescent for new, color-enhancing fluorescents can make your worn cabinets looks brighter and better. Bulbs rated 2,700 degrees Kelvin casts a light similar to incandescent bulb. Try 4,200 Kelvin fluorescent for a white look. For working areas, under cabinet halogen, xenon or fluorescent task light can do the trick because they cast fewer shadows.

Tip: For a designer look, hang two or three pendant lights over an island or a sink. s

Cost: About $60 to $70 per foot for under cabinet lights about $3 for high-color-rendering compact fluorescent bulbs. For pendants lights average about $100 per piece.

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Kitchen With Stone-Look Plastic Laminate

Kitchen Floor With Stone-Look Plastic Laminate

An ultra-modern and gleaming kitchen is one of the ultimate dreams of a homemaker.  When you stroll into those gleaming kitchen, you wish you can just demolish your kitchen and implement all those changes and improvements you want.  Brake! Remodeling a kitchen from a scratch can dent your saving very badly; it can cost you thousands of hard-earned dollars.  But there are some tricks that can make your kitchen like a center-fold kitchen model by just shelling few dollars.

The Kitchen Mini Makeover topic will help you to apply a low-cost but high impact makeover tricks on your kitchen.  The Kitchen Mini Makeover will be an eight-part post, and we will start by redoing the floor.

Mini Makeover Trick:
Cover your grungy old floor with something new and brighten up your whole kitchen.
What You Need: If your floor is relatively flat, you can simply put-on a wood-look or stone-look plastic laminate board that can be fit into place without glue or fastener.  These plastic laminate board are called “floating” laminates.   Another option is the linoleum or vinyl floor.  You can have a professional to do it or you simply follow some procedure and do-it-yourself.   They might not be your dream floor, but it’s a good substitute until you are ready to do an all-out floor renovation.

The Cost: Linoleum or vinyl cost around $3 to $7 per square foot.  The plastic laminate cost around $4 to $10 per square foot.  The pre-finished hardwood runs from $7 to $12 per square foot.  (The installation is usually included in the price.)

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My Rose Colored Customized Living Room

My Rose Colored Customized Living Room

A home is the reflection of the personality and sentiments of the people living on it.  Your living room should be the mute “spoke-person” of who you are.  If your living room doesn’t speak of who you are, then it is about the time to make your home look and feel your own.  It is the time to customize!  While it is easier to customize the kids’ room or the master bedroom, it is quite a challenge to pull off the same trick on the more common space, which the entire family commonly shares – like the living room.  Yes, it might be hard to input the personality of each member of the family on the customization but it is very doable.  Here’s the guide on how help you customize your living room:

Pick You Colors

Color reflects mood and personality.  The sunny, tropical shade suggests a happy atmosphere.  A dramatic shade of red radiate touch romance and the basic black and white combination gives a no-nonsense professional appeal.    The color you should choose to dominate in your living room must reflect the people who live inside the house.  Before ordering the wallpapers and paints, ask yourself. What kind of atmosphere do I want to create?  What atmosphere that would best describes my family? Then, let colors follow the suit.  Just remember that whatever color you choose, it has to blend with your furniture and other fixtures in your living room.

Rearrange The Furniture According To Your Taste

Choose a piece of furniture that would serve as the focal point of your living room.  That way, you can set other pieces of furniture around it.   Make sure that your arrangement allows free movement and easy traffic in the busiest part of the living room.  Avoid the cluttered look.


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Hello Readers! Welcome to Home Services Guides 101.  This site is specifically created for you and for variety of people; the homemaker, handyman, man or woman, who find joy in doing a bit of home improvement and maintenance.   For those who want to save some money and time by doing the repairs and hunting the discount coupon offers.

With everything that seems just a tad gloomy.  With the global crisis issues and the coupled with the rising of inflation and massive layoff, it seems like the world is getting helpless and crumbling around you.  But life goes on, you might not be able to control inflation, recession, pollution, but at home you are the boss.  You can do something to make your living room look better; you can do something to fix the jammed lock without the aid of a locksmith, you can do something to save money by doing the home repair by yourself.  You Can Do Something!

This site is simply dedicated to those who want to do something. To those who want to know how to install their own garage lock, and for those who wants to know where to buy the cheapest carpet, or how to use a particular tool which is “alien” in your sight.

The Home Services Guides 101 is all about the tips, tricks, tweaks and guides of anything and everything in your home.  We will give you tips and guide that would help your home needs, starting from your lawn up to your attic and everything else in between.

The Home Services Guide 101 will help you practical and expert information to help you deal with any household stuffs.  There’s no need to frown over the soiled carpet.  Smile! Take charge and do something!
For questions, suggestions and everything you want to share you can reach us at our email: luckysmith386@yahoo.com

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